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Have a long weekend, but nothing to do? Then hurry up and come on board with us to Himachal Pradesh for four excitement-filled days. This excursion is your chance to experience three of the most sought-after adventurous activities in the state: rafting, trekking and paragliding. On the first day of the tour itself, you enjoy rafting in Kullu as you negotiate Grade II and III rapids on the Beas River. Even if you are a novice, there is no need to worry as you will have expert rafters and trained rescuers with you. The cool water of the river, splashing all over you as you row, will feel immensely refreshing.

Following the briefing, you will be given the oars, life jackets and helmets, and then you will board the inflatable rubber boat. Trying to control the raft as you move speedily with the strong river currents that continuously drench you, will be an exhilarating experience. After a night of bonfire and merrymaking, you move to the scenic village of Barot. Here, you get a taste of cycling in Himachal as you ride downhill to the tiny hamlet of Badagram. The sloping mountain roads will turn right and left, giving you loads of fun and a chance to breathe the cool and fresh air. On the way, you may be able to see village folk, going about their daily routine. At the trout farm in Badagram, your cycling destination, you may be able to see loads of fish in the river.


River rafting in Kullu is an all-time favorite of tourists and adventurists pouring into the region throughout the year. You’ll arrive at the starting point and get the briefing on the activity. You must listen to this very carefully as the instructions are for ensuring that you get the best of experiences here. This will be followed by a gear check before you put it on. Then the rafts are lowered in the river and everyone climbs in it. And then, you raft.With rafting trips lasting for as short as 7 km and as long as 14 km, the thrills always remain on a high as you negotiate the rapids of the ever torrential waters of Beas in Kullu, which further adds to the whole excitement factor of Kullu river rafting.

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